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About Artist

              Jinkook Oh

Contemporary Art  / New Media Artist

              Seoul, Korea

JinkookOh'sWorld view Behind the Work of Art


Jinkook Oh(Daniel Oh) resides in Seoul, South Korea and is one of the most influen-tial art figures in Korean art community. He is also one of the pioneers of cross media and contemporary art. His technique stands out from other artists in that he creates artwork from a deep emotional level integrating five senses.

His sensory design using five senses creates one of the most visceral ways of experiencing the world because it connects people to talk about his artworks. For example, he utilizes mundane thoughts, smells of aromatic atmosphere, listening to the sounds of nature or noise of the city nights which could be the vehicle of creating artwork. People often say that his paintings and writings are expressed and executed from a unique relationship from his being and beliefs about the intricacy and beauty of nature resulting in brilliant combination of colors on canvases by his symbolic touches. He also delivers diversity of media in his paintings using a unique technique of masterful caliber and reinforces his messages into art. He draws no limit to all approaches or processes in his work. Most importantly, he is a self-taught creative artist who never been trained at an art association or professional society. He kept his style throughout all the years, which led him to develop and construct a unique point of difference in art from others. Above all he always desires to place the inner being of human nature in each paintings, then describes his motivation and inspiration through essays to connect with people. He believes that the art product is not a simple piece of technology, but rather a meticulously designed object that holds the aesthetic power to better connect with people to the world. His artwork has been known as accessible, comfortable, and public art which breaks the notion "for centuries artwork has been the staple of the rich and famous". In the past 15 years, he has created 5,200 art pieces, and more than 45 million visitors at 11 social networking sites have seen the online exhibitions. He has won numerous national and international awards in the last two decades. In 2011 he was awarded the Korean National Modern Art Grand Prize. His artworks are exhibited in numerous private collections and cooperation worldwide.




Simple Creative Work Can’t Lead the Globalization.


O-Ryoung Lee, a former minister of Culture and Tourism, said, “Our society fell behind in industrialization society and once proclaimed the opening of the digilog era as a new paradigm.” When we view this form the perspective of pure art, we can tell that there is an intrinsic limitation for Korean artists to become leaders worldwide in contemporary art, print and two dimensional art. Though not impossible, for a Korean artist to joint the ranks of top global artists, it is difficult as a camel passing through the eye of a needle and entails much effort, patience and gifted skills. As such, artist Oh emphasizes the need to create cultural value of new trend through new ideas by objectively and attentively considering the era’s situations.


The Best Weapon to Globalize Korean Digilog(Digital+Analogue) Art


Digilog is still novel, perhaps new to most of us. Although Koreans claim that Korea is an IT stronghold, analogue forms are still deeply rooted. Why do we need to turn everything into the digital? To answer the question, it may be due to the era’s dem-ands. As we know fever comes and goes. How do we keep the fever last longer in our society? Jinkook Oh believes that integrating digital and an analogue art called cross media is the only solution to go beyond globalization in a modern era. 'Jinkook Oh stated, because of lack of contents the analogue art will no longer be able to draw the attention of mainstream arts, and the only alternative will be turning to Digilog" out to the world like big waves. 

I strongly believe that every creation of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul with 5 senses.......


“Perfect partners don't exist.

 Perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which

 partnerships express themselves best.”


Research indicates that art improves the quality of our lives.

Art has been used as a medium for psychological health promotion,

to improve academic performance for students,

to create the vibrant society, and so much more in our community.


In the past two decades, my artwork has been well received both domestically and internationally. From my early hood as an artist, bringing the essence of art into your living space, workplace,

and your community has been always my wish.


I am looking for business partners who truly understand how to

integrate art into our community to maximize the benefits of art for all.

Should you have any questions or concerns,

please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Name/ Jinkook Oh

Email address/

Phone/ +82-10-5249-0797

Studio/ +82-70-5033-0797


Fax/     +82-505-333-0797


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Thanks for your message

준비된 작가, 그의 창작혼이 전 세계로 도약되기를...

   오진국 화백은 그의 모든 작품에서 돋보이는 서정성으로 일관하고 있다.

그는 시각거점을 영역으로 하는 2차원 평면에서 만들 수 있는 표현의 기법에서 재래적인 방식을 진일보한 개척자이기도 하다. 적지 않은 그의 나이에 컴퓨터를 독학하여 기존의 아날로그와 디지털을 접목하는 '크로스미디어', 즉 디지로그(디지털+아날로그)의 개척자로 불려도 좋을만큼 최근 10여 년에만도 5,200여 점이 넘는 다양한 창작혼을 불태운 장본인이다. 특히 그의 작품은 오감(五感)이라 불리는 5 센스에 집중적인 '스토리텔링'을 작품마다 부여하므로서 많은 관객들의 공감과 감흥을 불러 일으킨 작가이기도 하다. 그의 작품의 주제가 언제나 그렇듯이 우리의 일상생활 속에 있는 사소한 사물이나 대상마저도 미학적 생기를 불어넣는, 획기적인 시도가 돋보인다.

   전 문화부 장관/ 이화여대 교수를 역임한 우리 시대의 지성 이어령씨가 그를 격찬하는 것도 바로 이러한 그의 우직스러운 실험정신이 아닐까 생각된다. 작가 오진국씨의 정신적 멘토로 자리한 이어령씨의 <디지로그>는 한국미술이 '글로벌'하게 국제적으로 발전하는데 최상의 병기가 될 것임을 시사하였고 이런 관점에서 오진국화백은 기성화단의 따가운 시선과 편견에 아랑곳 하지 않고 하나의 길로만 매진한 입지전적 인물이기도 하다. 특히 그는 그의 작품의 독창성을 위하여 가급적 화단이나 미술단체의 가입을 거부하고 자신만의 창작활동에 여념이 없다. 


   그간 창작에만 전력을 기울인 오진국화백이 최근들어서 해외전시를 위한 준비에 여념이 없다. 그는 아시아에서는 홍콩, 북경, 상해를 비롯한 중화권과 영국, 독일, 프랑스 등 유럽권, 북미권을 중심으로 그의 작품을 선 보이려 한다. 그러기 위해서는 유능한 전시기획자나 '큐레이터' 등 '메니저먼'트 대행해 줄 '파트너'가 절실하다. 신 한류를 지향하는 우리 시대에 그에게 힘을 보태줄 멋진 인재가 없을까? 여러분들의 많은 관심을 바라마지 않는다.


                                                                                              <김영종/ 전 동국대학교  총장>

   '장꼭도'는 사진이 예술이 아니라고 했다. '메커니즘'을 통한 구현이니까. 캔버스에 변기를 같다 붙여도(다다이즘), 마릴린몬로의 사진을, 콜라 캔을 수 십개를 발라도(팝아트), 만화 한 컷을 확대해놓은 것 같은 로이리텐슈타인의 <행복한 눈물>도, 미술평론가들은 걸작이라고 한다, 캔버스에 붓으로 물감을 페인팅한 것도 아닌데 말이다.  오진국화백의 <디지로그아트>는 바로 위에서 말한 역사적 그림의 내용과 형식의 또 다른 아이디어이고, 표현형식이며, CGI시대의 감각적 표현이 아닌가 싶다. "이렇게도 그림 작업을 할 수 있구나" 나에게는 경이로운 충격이었다.


                                                                             <김충길/ 단국대학교 방송영상학부 교수>

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